Restaurants in Westende


Westende is a beautiful town in Flanders. It is one of the three regions in Belgium and in the Flemish province of West Flanders. It is also known as the Flemish coast as it lies on the Belgian coast. It used to be the far west of the island Testerep, which lay along the Belgian coast. Number of hotels Westende are located along the coastal line. The charming Westende to 500 meters wide St. Laureins Beach is the ideal resort for the visitor of nature, sea, architecture and local cuisine. This was once a prestigious resort and it shows still a few places in the Meeuwenlaan, the Dunes Avenue, Eagle Avenue and the Avenue Portico. hotel Westende are best in the city and they offers the best services. Westende is as authentic as the beer itself. It is a perfect replica of the type of Cafe that became the centre of life in Belgium in the 1930’s. It was a place to meet, relax with friends and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Some of the Westende hotel are located in the heart of the city. Westende is a new developing resort of Belgian coast thats why gaining tourist attraction. Influx of more and more tourists have also put a impact on Westende Hotel . This is a nice place to visit with family. The beaches work as energy boosters and gives you a chance to rejuvenate yourself. Westende hotel are also good and staying up there will make you extend your stay. Beaches are absolutely mindblowing here.

As Westende beaches, restaurants and Westende hotel are gaining attraction , the famous sightseeing and beautiful places here has also become a new fascination for tourists. Tourists getting more attracted to this place as compare to other places in Belgian Coast. The famous Westende tourist attractions are Grote markt- It is right in the centre of the city, old town. This is the place from where you can go anywhere, Afro Carribean Festival, dunes , strand and many more. Some of the hotels in Westende are also located near these attractions and gives the perfect view of city. This city also offers many cosy and welcoming restaurants and also offers different types of cuisines according to your taste. Some of the famous restaurants in the city are 'tzoet Genot, De Lanterfanter, Route 66, The Piper's, De Mane and many more. You can also enjoy the savour of the delicious cuisines in your hôtels Westende also. So if you cant visit to any of these restaurants dont get disappoint. You have other option to enjoy in all the possible ways. The beaches are absolutely rejuvenating and also offrers the recreational activities. So enjoy your stay at Westende hotel and explore the town in the all possible ways. Every place gives thousand of chances to explore the city in a number of avaliable options. This is your chance to explore the scintillitating beaches of Westende. barcelona restaurantsoffers all types of Belgian food.

Belgian Coast


When the summer heat turns oppressive in Brussels and other inland cities, do as the Belgians do: head for the coast of Flanders and take a dip in the North Sea. This place have plenty of good luxe hotels kust which provides the best comfort. Its a 65 kms wide sandy beach. Its sandy coastline has 15 resorts, each of the resort differs from each other and have different climatic conditions also. It is undoubetly the nicest and chicest coast. While staying in the goedkoop hotel kust you can also enjoy a promenade along the coastline. Sunbathers have found that they acquire a healthier tan here than in southern Europe, thanks to the iodine and salt in the air. The summer months are the busiest period for the coast. Here every season has its own charm.Its a good place for rejuvenation. This place hae its own charm so enjoy the best while staying in weekendje aan zee .

Here you'll find number of good hotels Belgian Coast . Real estate plays big here, and many well-to-do Belgians have a second house or an apartment somewhere near one of the Belgium's fine whitesand beaches. One peculiarity of the Belgian coast is the abundance of high-rise buildings, which makes one feel more like in Tokyo than in the Benelux. Another noteworthy point is the number of casinos. Yet another is the tramway line that connects all the towns from De Panne (to the southwest) to Knokke-Heist (to the northeast). It is actually the longest tramway line in the world. hotels Cote Belge in Belgian coast are located along the sea-side. There are plenty of alternatives on the coast. Close by, there is Bruges, one of Belgium's finest cities of art. A visit to this historic city is a must. You should enjoy ayour stay in the hotels Belgische Kust as well enjoy natural beauty.

Best Hotels in Westende

Hotel The Cottage

Hotel The Cottage is located at the coast of Belgium. This charming and friendly Attractions in Koksijde is near the tram stop and few metres from the sea. Ofcourse you can also enjoy the restaurant and the superlicious cuisines. You can also relax in the private sauna and jacuzzi.

Hotel de la Poste

Hotel de la Poste is situated in the center of Westende -Bad, the beach is only few metres away. There are many shops and restaurants behind the corner. The brussels restaurant have high quality rooms with all the latest facilities. At the hotel you can enjoy a fresh beer, a delicious cocktail or a glass of champagne in a cosy atmosphere.


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